Lucila Romero Photography

Lucila Romero Photography

Are you interested in volunteering with U!Shine Vienna?

We would be delighted to have you join our efforts!

Here’s how it works

Sign up with the link below letting us know you’d like to volunteer. After doing so you’ll be added to our mailing list. When a need for volunteers arises, an email will be sent out. From there you have the option of choosing to participate or not (your choice is always at your discretion and always appreciated).

WhatsApp Group

Additionally you can join our WhatsApp group for last minute changes, news, and opportunities.

There are additional perks

Other than feeling good for helping out, you will get free stuff, and access to exclusive team events. Plus, you can add community service experience on your CV. 😊

Sounds good to you?

If you’d like to be a part of the volunteers group, please sign up. We look forward to meeting you!