Timea Katzler

Team-Volunteer & Team-Blogger

Why she is a part of U!Shine Vienna

As we all are social creatures, most of us need people to help to defeat our problems. Some of us need a bunch of people to talk about solutions, but some of us need just a few close friends.

Timea realized that moving to a new country can be really hard as we are alone struggling with our own problems. She would like to be there to help anyone who needs a good listener or a supportive friend.

What brings her joy?

Hiking with her husband, yoga, being with her friends, and long talks with her mother. And of course cats, cats, and cats.

More about Timea

Timea is from Budapest, Hungary. Her bachelors degree is in environmental engineering, and her masters degree is in marketing science. She works in a waste recycling industry which she adores. In the future, Timea would love to teach children how waste recycling works, and reach the 100% zero waste home level, currently one of the biggest challenges in her life.

How does she take care of her mental and emotional health?

Timea reads a lot of books, does yoga regularly, and if she has a problem with which she is struggling, she talks it out with her husband or with family or friends (or all of the above).

Timea believes that the more people she talks to, the more problems will be solved. She also enjoys driving because it helps her to find solutions in her job when she feels a bit lost.

To connect

You can connect with Timea on Facebook and Linkedin, but she is trying to have more offline days as staying away from social media helps her concentrate on her real needs.