Tamika Rybiński

Board Member

Why she is a part of U!Shine Vienna

Tamika believes mental health is an important issue. She thinks pressures, fears, and ignorance have caused the issue to be overlooked and, at times, silenced. U!Shine Vienna is her way of lending her voice to it.

What brings her joy?

Her family, a perfect cup of tea, a good book, deep conversation, learning anything new, or going on a new adventure. She also enjoys travel, essential oils, and all things creative.

More about Tamika

Tamika used to model. She is a certified fitness trainer, speaks three languages in her family, and learned to ride a bike at age 32. She illustrated a book in high school, and is currently illustrating a new one.

How does she take care of her mental and emotional health?

Tamika is an avid journaler. Her faith is the driving force behind her mental and emotional health practices. Dedication to prayer and Bible study are testaments to this force. She has trusted people to whom she can turn and trust to hold her accountable, bring her comfort, and say hard things when she needs to hear them.

To connect

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