Stacey Jobstmann

Social Media Manager & Team-Blogger

Why she is a part of U!Shine Vienna

U!Shine Vienna provides Stacey with opportunities to volunteer her time and use her skills to help others. She feel it's an important and worthwhile cause and she is proud to be a part of it.

What brings her joy?

Most things bring her joy, if she allows it! The best are her children’s laughter, a hug from her husband, when a student masters a skill they had difficulty with, playing with her dog, a good book, good coffee, sunshine, wildflowers, being at the ocean, staring at the full moon and watching meteor showers. She could go on and on.

More about Stacey

Stacey is a wife, mother, special education teacher, and dog mom. She graduated from college with a minor in psychology and earned her teaching credentials in the States. She moved to Lower Austria 3 years ago, and is currently a stay-at-home mom. Stacey enjoys reading, traveling, and exploring, but most nights, just being home with her family. She’s a classic introvert!

How does she take care of her mental and emotional health?

Caring for herself has been and continues to be a journey. She was able to overcome the challenges she faced as an adult, caused by traumas in childhood and as a young adult. As she uncovers more, other things spring up that demand her attention, but now she encourages these challenges. She enjoys working on being the best version of herself. When she feels she is getting off track, she reminds herself to be mindful and stay in the present moment. She practices her Miracle Morning routine, which includes meditation, journaling, reading a self-help book, and meditative yoga. She also makes her daily affirmations much more simple and general, for example, “I am ok. My success rate for getting through rough times is 100%. I will get through this.” For Stacey, it is ALL mental and ALL about reframing her perspective.