Services & Hotlines

Below is a compilation of important phone numbers, services, and databases available in Vienna, Austria on professional and emergency assistance for mental / emotional health support.

Disclaimer: Although the phone numbers and links quoted below have been thoroughly researched and are updated on a regular basis, U!Shine Vienna cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information provided at any time. No liability is assumed.


Emergency Hotline Numbers (available 24 hours a day)

European emergency number: 112

Psychiatric counselling in emergencies: 01 313 30

Women’s emergency hotline: 01 717 19


Mental & Emotional Health Support Services

  1. Praxisplan – a database where you can find a mental health doctor / professional in your language and insurance of choice.

  2. Psyonline – a resource where you can find a psychotherapist near you.

  3. Psychologen – find a psychologist of your choice.

  4. Psychotherapy support and reimbursement through WGKK

  5. Interventionsstelle Wien – Intervention Centres offer free support and counselling services. Every victim of domestic violence and stalking is welcome.

  6. RATaufDraht – Kids and Teens Hotline

We also recommend to check your country’s embassy for further suggestions on doctors and mental health professionals!

Outpatient clinics with income-based rates

There are also specific institutions within the city of Vienna that provide mental health support services with income-based payment rates, discounted prices, or for refugee and asylum seekers. Please contact us directly if you would like more information.


A note on forums and online groups

Community forums and online groups can be a great place to seek advice and get answers. We simply ask you be cautious, aware and discernable with what you put out there on the internet, especially if you are sharing something about your personal life, or mental and emotional state.


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