Macarena Torres

Event-Organizer & Team-Blogger

Why she is a part of U!Shine Vienna

Macarena is part of U!Shine Vienna because of the lack of awareness of mental health.

What brings her joy?

Long breakfasts, running, Sundays without any to-do lists, and the support of her family, friends and clients.

More about Macarena

In 2012, Macarena finished beauty school in Vienna and remains deeply in love with her career as a hairdresser and stylist. She speaks German, English, and Spanish because she was born in Argentina, but raised in Germany and Austria. Macarena is a positive thinker and loves thrift shopping!

How does she take care of her mental and emotional health?

The key for her is to have a ROUTINE. She needs 7-8 hours of sleep, a huge breakfast, and exercise at least every other day. Macarena needs to talk about her feelings regularly. If she does not express herself with friends or in therapy, she writes as a way to help alleviate the constant feeling of anxiety and pile-up of thoughts.

A huge point of taking care of her emotional health was to remove herself from toxic people, toxic environments, and to do things that make her feel good.

To connect

You can follow her on Instagram.