Leanna Hanson

Administration & Team-Blogger

Why she is a part of U!Shine Vienna

Leanna became acquainted with U!Shine Vienna through social media when she was on the hunt for mental health resources after making an international move. She is most interested in helping create a community where everyone feels valued, safe and welcomed. By becoming involved with U!Shine Vienna, she hopes to do just that!

What brings her joy?

Leanna’s favorite things are: her people, books, the enneagram, an extremely hot cup of coffee, the ocean, hearing people’s stories, and exploring new places.

More about Leanna

Leanna is the mother of three adult daughters who live stateside and a teenage son who is enjoying life and football (soccer) in Vienna. She has lived in five different U.S. states and two countries outside the USA.

How does she take care of her mental and emotional health?

Leanna listens to podcasts while running through Prater. She is always in the middle of at least one fiction book and a nonfiction book simultaneously. Leanna has recently discovered the benefits of meditation and is learning how important it is for her to sit in a posture of solitude.

To connect

If you wish to connect with Leanna on social media, you can find her on Instagram, and you can read more about her life abroad and how she navigates life with children on different continents at www.sixhansons.blogspot.co.at