Who is U!Shine Vienna?

We are a supportive community and non-profit organization made up of caring individuals who are passionate about bringing the topic of mental and emotional health to the forefront of conversation in Vienna, Austria.

*We are not a substitute for any kind of professional counseling or therapy. We are not a crisis center but will guide you toward information on the mental and emotional health services available in Vienna.

Why is your organization in Vienna?

Mental health and illness is a highly stigmatized topic about which many people are afraid to talk openly. This can lead to avoidance and fear of the mental health problems at hand and a lack of understanding regarding who to go to for help. Language barriers can also pose problems specifically to those who are new to Vienna and unfamiliar with the German language. The founders of U!Shine Vienna understand this firsthand and so partnered with the American-based non-profit, U!Shine, as a way to connect with and comfort those facing similar challenges.

Who can be part of the U!Shine Vienna community?

Our community welcomes everyone of all different backgrounds, ages, cultures, and interests. No one is excluded. 

Is U!Shine Vienna a religious organization?

We are respectful of and sensitive to Vienna’s rich multicultural population, diverse in beliefs and religion. Therefore, we do not promote any one belief or religion. Additionally, we provide an optional seminar for those interested in exploring the spiritual dimension of mental wellness.

I’m severely struggling with my mental health. Should I call U!Shine Vienna?

Though we are here to listen and serve as a communal support system, we do not replace the help, advice, therapy, or recommendation provided by a mental health professional. To aid you further, we’ve compiled a list of professional services and hotlines should you been in need of immediate help.

How can I donate money to U!Shine Vienna?

Thank you for your interest in donating to U!Shine Vienna! Since we are a donation-based organization, we will have a donation box at every event where you can contribute as much as you want.

If you would like to send money via bank transfer, our bank information is as follows:

BANK: Raiffeisenlandesbank Noe-Wien
IBAN: AT04 3200 0000 1273 9603

Where do my monetary donations go in U!Shine Vienna?

All funds receieved will be used to support the programs, events, workshops, and additional needs required to sustain the growth of a successful and healthy community.

How can I work with the organization?

To apply for an unpaid, volunteer position with U!Shine Vienna, you can apply here.