What We Do

Share, Inform, Inspire

City-based events are additional ways we reach out, support, and help those living in Vienna.


This 7-part seminar series gives each person a better understanding of their mental and emotional health. Our holistic programs help individuals from all backgrounds understand the science of our emotions and feelings, find strength and hope in our communities, and learn practical tools to help them better their well being - mind, body, and spirit. The seminars are offered every other month. Come join us! 

Take It to Table

Similar to the vibe of a support group, Take It to Table offers participants a smaller, more in-depth discussion group as a follow-up to each one of U!Shine Vienna’s seminars. Here, we will spend more time in conversation to further educate ourselves on the previous seminar’s topic.

Community Night

We’re better together, especially when board games or movies are involved. Join us for monthly evenings of laid-back fun and entertainment!

Workshops, Outings, and Collaborative Events

We’ve always got something in the making. Check in every so often, either on this website, Facebook page, or Twitter, to stay up to date and register for tickets to our next event. You can also be the first to know about our calendar of events by subscribing to our newsletter.