Top 5 Self-Care Practices to Implement - Part 3


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This was a hard one for me, especially as I love to watch netflix after work to relax. But better than any series is the feeling after having an eight hour night of sleep. (You will feel the difference, promise!)


As we are in the warmer part of the year, I ride home from work with the citybike. If it is not possible for you to ride a bike, just get off the bus or tram one or two stations before your actual station and walk home. This helps me to unwind tremendously and to clear my head  after work. (Also you spend a few minutes outside after being inside the office all day!)


Self-care is not only doing things that are calm, soothing and relaxing. Take time to exercise, your body needs it. And your mind too! (To see the effects exercising has on your mental health, read my last blogpost!)


Bathe or shower, consciously. As self care is also calm, soothing, and relaxing, take time when you shower or when taking a bath. Use a shower gel that you love, use bath oils or salts and take time to be grateful for your body. During my 5-10 minute shower in the morning I really try to wash every part of my body consciously and use this time as a little meditation.


I started this habit also a few weeks ago and it is insane how much of a change I see in my skin but also mentally with my body image. I try to moisturize my body after every shower or bath. It takes a bit of time, but it helps you to connect with your body and be grateful for every single inch of it. I try to really give myself a good rub and to massage myself with body lotion or oil that I love. Use something with a good scent, so it works also like a little aromatherapy.

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About the Author: Macarena Torres

Macarena is a hairdresser and stylist living in Vienna since 2004. Not only wanting to make her clients beautiful from the outside, she wants them to feel confident and happy from the inside. Having dealt with severe depression and panic attacks a few years ago, she is talking openly about finding a healthy work-life balance and a positive mind-body connection. You can follow her on Instagram @xmacarena


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