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Honesty Hour: Living Abroad is Hard

Although it may seem like I am living the dream, which in many ways I am, life here is difficult. I have struggled with anxiety and depression while living in Vienna. Most of my days consist of working 9-5 and then heading to the grocery store and then cooking. One big struggle has been the grocery store (I know that sounds funny but bear with me). Going to the grocery store has always been something that I love doing - people never want to go with me in the US because I will roam every aisle and look at every product (because you never really know what you need, right?).

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How Pets Influence our Lives: A Story About Polo

It hurt us to watch him suffer and still when it came time to make the decision regarding his diagnosis it wasn't easy. We wanted to hang on a bit longer. Go on one more walk. Have him chase one more treat around the house just so we could watch him when he looked like a rocking horse. But that wouldn't have been best for him. So we had to say goodbye. Friends, let me tell you that was not an easy thing to do. Watching our Things grieve Polo was rough. I couldn't keep it together. It was almost as if he knew. There was a blanket waiting for him in the room and he laid down immediately. We showered him with love and held his fu-man-chu face in our hands and rubbed his ears, all his favorite spots. I kissed him and cried into his neck. And then it was over.  

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Why People Rarely Talk About Mental Health

In college, I decided to take ownership of my mental health and to really dive into mental health awareness. Not only did I see a lack of conversation regarding mental health with others, I also realized that I wasn’t really talking much about it either. Let me preface this by saying that just because you have mental health issues does not mean that you have to share your story with everyone you run into or to anyone at all, that is your personal story that you have the right to share or not. But for me, I felt the urge to share my story, even just with new friends that I had met in college. I felt that I had a fresh start to not let my mental illness define me, but to integrate it normally into my conversations and my life as just one part of me.

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