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How Pets Influence our Lives: A Story About Polo

It hurt us to watch him suffer and still when it came time to make the decision regarding his diagnosis it wasn't easy. We wanted to hang on a bit longer. Go on one more walk. Have him chase one more treat around the house just so we could watch him when he looked like a rocking horse. But that wouldn't have been best for him. So we had to say goodbye. Friends, let me tell you that was not an easy thing to do. Watching our Things grieve Polo was rough. I couldn't keep it together. It was almost as if he knew. There was a blanket waiting for him in the room and he laid down immediately. We showered him with love and held his fu-man-chu face in our hands and rubbed his ears, all his favorite spots. I kissed him and cried into his neck. And then it was over.  

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