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My Mental Health Journey: By Andrew

Without being fully aware of it, my mental health journey actually started pretty early on due to my family situation. Unfortunately at 2 years old I lost my mother to cancer and from then on my father had to raise me by himself while also working his job; a lot of tension was created as balance was constantly sought. While this intermittent tension and stress was going on, the lack of a mother figure in my life surely took its toll on me in more ways the I am conscious of. In some ways I feel it may have affected me in my relations to others, my needs for intimacy, and of course having a mother figure in my life.

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Mental Health and Me: My Journey with Mental Illness

This week on the blog, I will be sharing more about my journey with mental health. As I mentioned last week, my journey with mental health began my junior year of high school. I had just gotten out of a fairly unhealthy relationship at the time, and it felt as though all of the emotions that I had been suppressing in the context of that relationship suddenly rushed in. I began to isolate myself, act uncharacteristically, and I overall felt very heavy physically, mentally and emotionally.

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An Evening in Chairs & Pairs

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it until, well, always: We are made for each other.

We are communal beings who thrive when we’re actively engaged in healthy and helpful relationships and communities. However, there’s a cruel irony that takes place when we, as individuals, encounter life’s challenges and either forget to lean into or lack a safe community for support, thus leaving us to deal with our stuff on our own.

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