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Honesty Hour: Living Abroad is Hard

Although it may seem like I am living the dream, which in many ways I am, life here is difficult. I have struggled with anxiety and depression while living in Vienna. Most of my days consist of working 9-5 and then heading to the grocery store and then cooking. One big struggle has been the grocery store (I know that sounds funny but bear with me). Going to the grocery store has always been something that I love doing - people never want to go with me in the US because I will roam every aisle and look at every product (because you never really know what you need, right?).

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3 Simple Tips to Break Through Anxiety

Accept that you might be the sort of person who needs a lot of time to themselves. There are some who draw energy from socialising, and I am not recommending you withdraw completely from all those around you – in fact, I would recommend that you make a conscious effort to spend a few hours per week in the company of other human beings outside of work to help you get out of your head, and also to nurture existing friendships. At the same time, many people I know create additional anxiety for themselves by being unable to say “no.” If you need an afternoon just to yourself, don’t commit to spending time with five other people. 

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