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Accept Yourself and Be Yourself

When I chose a feminine costume every year, other people really hurt my feelings with their words. “You are gay, you’re not a man,” and sometimes cruller words. So I kind of believed them and started to think about myself. Am I normal? What is wrong with me? The older I got, the more I tried to hide my real self. I started wearing black clothing most of the time, and started to be what society thinks a man should be, and looks like…

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Mental Health in the Media and the World Around Me

I think maybe the very first time I was every truly talked to about mental illness was when some student in the middle school (I was in elementary school at the time) had committed suicide and they had the school counselors talk to us and create a sort of dialogue on the situation so we could comprehend and process it a lot better. Part of their goal was to also prevent this from happening again, of course, so they certainly encouraged us to be there for each other and not hesitate to talk to an adult. It’s been a long time since that talk but I think they mainly covered  what suicide was, explained that maybe the kid had troubles at home or something and that he was in this isolated dark place. There unfortunately was no talk about how mental illness could have been at play here.

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