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Rest & The Future of U!Shine Vienna

In all honesty, I have struggled to drum up enough courage to write or speak openly and publicly about my own mental health, which feels contradictory to what we’re trying to accomplish through U!Shine in the first place. That being: normalizing the mental health conversation and shattering the stigma that surrounds it. Stating that the conversation should be normal is one thing, carrying it out in real life is quite another.

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Mental Health in a Perfect World…

In a perfect world, everyone would understand mental health issues, everyone would have empathy, everyone would be educated, no one would think twice about terms like depression, anxiety, coping, stress, and therapy. But (news flash!) we do not live in a perfect world. I often think about what life would be like if this ideal world was actually reality and it is a little overwhelming how far we are from that world. But although it is overwhelming, I do believe that every day changes in attitude, education, and conversation can make a huge difference when it comes to the environment around mental health in the future. 

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It is What it is: Detachment Support

Detachment is something I have struggled with. A lot. I feel I have mostly defeated my CPTSD from childhood and young adult traumas, but one of the lingering side effects that often gets overlooked is the need for detachment. When you are raised to be so finely in tune with another’s emotions, to the point where you need to predict emotions and reactions from that person for survival, detachment isn’t even something you are aware exists, let alone how essential it is.

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