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Mental Health Care for Those Who Can’t Afford It

What would I like to see more of in the mental health world? Well, among other things, mental health care for those who cannot afford it. At least in America, there’s been this huge disparity in who receives care and who doesn’t. Not surprisingly, the rich do and the poor don’t…

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My Mental Health Journey: By Andrew

Without being fully aware of it, my mental health journey actually started pretty early on due to my family situation. Unfortunately at 2 years old I lost my mother to cancer and from then on my father had to raise me by himself while also working his job; a lot of tension was created as balance was constantly sought. While this intermittent tension and stress was going on, the lack of a mother figure in my life surely took its toll on me in more ways the I am conscious of. In some ways I feel it may have affected me in my relations to others, my needs for intimacy, and of course having a mother figure in my life.

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