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An Evening in Pencil with Self-Help Author Luke Pemberton

U!Shine Vienna hosted its first self-help author, a wonderful gentleman by the name of Luke Pemberton, who gave a fascinating, emotional lecture on Toxic Shame by taking us through his collection of self-drawn, self-describing pictures. Pemberton began drawing out his feelings as an adult when the effects of his childhood came crashing down on him. Married and the father of two kids, Pemberton struggled intensely with his own life balance, steady job, and worsening mental health condition. Eventually, he found a therapist with whom he clicked, and a creative outlet in which he could express his thoughts and feelings.

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Developing a Gratitude Practice

Developing a gratitude practice has been one of the best (and easiest) things I’ve done to help myself in my healing journey. It’s such a basic, simple concept that most of us overlook the power it has. In fact, according to a study from Ohio State University, we are hard-wired to focus on the negative (1). We all know that we can have a wonderful day, with one negative encounter with a co-worker, and all we focus on the rest of the day is that one negative, despite the hundreds of positives that we observed. It’s easier to focus on the bad; being mindful of the good takes effort! However, allowing that one negative to override all the good causes you to miss out on a lot, especially the chance to be happy.

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Mindful Photography

There are three figs. They’re lined up on my white table. Not quite green and not quite red, they’re an in-between color, that point where red and green meet and mix. There are patches of green. Patches of red. Patches of brown. I stand still, and look closer. 

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