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How Art in Vienna Moves Me

I live in a city where classical music was birthed. In a city where the museums are plentiful. Where sculptures grace most corners and there are Roman ruins just outside the palace gates. I mean the access to beauty is abundant and the venues plentiful. Baroque architecture reaches high and every which way one turns a brilliant surprise awaits. And still I find myself gasping in disbelief as I stroll through the city streets. Literally. Even if I have seen that particular alleyway or hidden gem before. I hope I continue to do so until the day I leave. I don't ever want to take this for granted.  

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Finding Beauty

Whether that be in the smile of a stranger, a gentle breeze on a warm day, the sound of water lapping the shore, words brilliantly strung together weaving a story, lovers holding hands, a child's giggle, wrinkles around my eyes, reminding me I have laughed much in my days, glasses clinking and candles flickering on the table.  There is beauty in the difficult too, those moments where it seems hope is lost, only to be found again when one seizes the opportunity and discovers the divine.  A horizon calling and a blank page waiting for scribbles.

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