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I have always been very strict with myself, making self-compassion and self-forgiveness a very difficult skill to develop and maintain. If I ruminate about something that didn’t work out or that worked out but was not perfect, I always end up being the first one to take the blame. I tell myself that I should have known better. I punish myself for not being a fortune teller. Does that sound familiar? 

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Awesome Mental Health Benefits of Exercising

Every day for the last four years I have to push myself to work out and make healthy and positive choices for my body and mind, but it gets easier as my body gets used to the new routine. The more often I workout and make better choices for my body, the less motivation is needed to convince myself to do it. Consistency is key. As every journey has its ups and downs, exercising is no exception. And there you need to trust your body and journey. In my case, I love to run, and every run is a surprise. On one day it is super easy, on another day I feel weak and tired. I learned to trust my body and not to give up.

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3 Simple Tips to Break Through Anxiety

Accept that you might be the sort of person who needs a lot of time to themselves. There are some who draw energy from socialising, and I am not recommending you withdraw completely from all those around you – in fact, I would recommend that you make a conscious effort to spend a few hours per week in the company of other human beings outside of work to help you get out of your head, and also to nurture existing friendships. At the same time, many people I know create additional anxiety for themselves by being unable to say “no.” If you need an afternoon just to yourself, don’t commit to spending time with five other people. 

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8 Practical Tips for Dealing with Generalized Anxiety

Anxiety, no matter what form it chooses to show itself, tends to cause similar reactions within our minds and bodies: our hearts pound, our breathing intensifies, our minds feel out of control, which makes us feel powerless against ourselves. Because of the seemingly ceaseless ‘what-ifs’ and startlingly detailed nightmares we play on repeat, we become our own worst enemy when it comes to kicking anxiety out of the driver’s seat of our brains. The fight to win our brain back seems hopeless. At least, that’s what anxiety wants us to believe…

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Why People Rarely Talk About Mental Health

In college, I decided to take ownership of my mental health and to really dive into mental health awareness. Not only did I see a lack of conversation regarding mental health with others, I also realized that I wasn’t really talking much about it either. Let me preface this by saying that just because you have mental health issues does not mean that you have to share your story with everyone you run into or to anyone at all, that is your personal story that you have the right to share or not. But for me, I felt the urge to share my story, even just with new friends that I had met in college. I felt that I had a fresh start to not let my mental illness define me, but to integrate it normally into my conversations and my life as just one part of me.

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Mental Health and Me: My Journey with Mental Illness

This week on the blog, I will be sharing more about my journey with mental health. As I mentioned last week, my journey with mental health began my junior year of high school. I had just gotten out of a fairly unhealthy relationship at the time, and it felt as though all of the emotions that I had been suppressing in the context of that relationship suddenly rushed in. I began to isolate myself, act uncharacteristically, and I overall felt very heavy physically, mentally and emotionally.

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Two Evenings in Blue

Depression has a number of assumptions made about it--

“Depression is just a fancy way of saying you’re lazy.”

“Depression isn’t really a big deal.”

“Depression is easy to get over. Just get out of bed and you’ll be fine.”

To anyone who’s been depressed or watched a loved one suffer from this particular brain illness, the widely popularized assumptions above only further keep these individuals in isolation. Assumptions are just that: assumptions, not the truth. Those familiar with the illness know depression is much more complex, challenging, and isolating than the world around us believes.

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