How to Enjoy Summer in the City


Let me just begin with this, it is hot out there people!

For some that means lazy days spent at the Donau, iced coffee, sunscreen and possibly sleeping with the klima on, (if you're one of the few that have that somewhat controversial luxury). Wink, wink.

Needless to say, summer is upon us, and I for one, am grateful. Long days where daylight stays with us. Late and early morning sunrise runs. Dining Al Fresco. After dinner walks. Lounging around with an oversized hat and all the gelato... I say yes please to all of it! Well most of it.

Summer in the city also means sweaty public transport rides, heat exhaustion (it's real) and more laundry. You know it because of the sweat, not to mention the abundance of tourists in our city (so maybe steer clear of Stephansplatz if at all possible). Don't misunderstand me, I am grateful for the business and commerce that coincides with this season - but not necessarily the crowds and lines though.

Regardless of your personal feelings about summer, the season itself lends itself to a sort of pause - both physically and emotionally. An intentional time to regroup, assess and evaluate. Maybe travel a bit. Start tackling that stack of books that's been waiting for you. Try a new recipe that doesn't involve turning the oven on, or create a refreshing cocktail to share with neighbors. Or maybe right now, you just need to breathe. Deep, filling breaths that create space in your head and heart and allow for recollection and redirection.

Which brings me to this, U!Shine Vienna is taking a summer pause. Holly will be speaking about this in greater detail next week, and there will be another episode of "Holly's Heart Talks" as well. We'll send you more details soon. In the meantime, stay cool, hydrated and rested. In all the ways.

We're honored that you read our blog and newsletter. Your support and presence in our community matters so very much and we consider it a privilege to journey along side you. Shine on!



About the Author: Leanna Hanson

Gathering people around the table, sharing stories and welcoming all to that space are some of Leanna’s favorite things.  Living in Vienna since 2018, Leanna also is learning to navigate the logistical and emotional journey of her three adult daughters residing in the United States (her home country). Additionally, with having experienced multiple moves, she is no stranger to the mental and emotional challenges related to living life in a foreign place - whether that be a new city, state and/or country. Leanna shares her journey on her blog, The Six Hansons.