Finding Beauty


I thought I'd share a quote that has been inspiring me lately: “Beauty has its purposes, which, all our lives and at every season, it is our opportunity, and our joy, to divine.”  Mary Oliver shares this wisdom in her collection, Long Life: Essays and Other Writings.  

So tell me, where are you finding beauty this season?  

For me, I believe that beauty is surrounding.  And its purpose, as Oliver reminds us, is ours to determine. Whether that be in the smile of a stranger, a gentle breeze on a warm day, the sound of water lapping the shore, words brilliantly strung together weaving a story, lovers holding hands, a child's giggle, wrinkles around my eyes, reminding me I have laughed much in my days, glasses clinking and candles flickering on the table.  There is beauty in the difficult too, those moments where it seems hope is lost, only to be found again when one seizes the opportunity and discovers the divine.  A horizon calling and a blank page waiting for scribbles.

Beauty is in the process and the art.  In creativity and writer's block.  All encompassing and shattered in a million pieces too.  Beauty is waiting to be unearthed in my life and yours.  It is before us, waiting.  

So today, I hope you see beauty throughout your day. That it carries you and lifts you, inspires and challenges you.  I hope you create the space to discern what exactly the purpose is as beauty presents itself to you in a purely unique and extraordinary way.  

As always, I’m honored that you took the time to read this blog. Your support and presence in our community matters so very much and we consider it a privilege to journey along side you. Shine on!

* * *

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About the Author: Leanna Hanson

Gathering people around the table, sharing stories and welcoming all to that space are some of Leanna’s favorite things.  Living in Vienna since 2018, Leanna also is learning to navigate the logistical and emotional journey of her three adult daughters residing in the United States (her home country). Additionally, with having experienced multiple moves, she is no stranger to the mental and emotional challenges related to living life in a foreign place - whether that be a new city, state and/or country. Leanna shares her journey on her blog, The Six Hansons.