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Rest & The Future of U!Shine Vienna

In all honesty, I have struggled to drum up enough courage to write or speak openly and publicly about my own mental health, which feels contradictory to what we’re trying to accomplish through U!Shine in the first place. That being: normalizing the mental health conversation and shattering the stigma that surrounds it. Stating that the conversation should be normal is one thing, carrying it out in real life is quite another.

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U!Shine Vienna Becomes a Toddler!

May 3, 2018 is the day Michelle and I signed U!Shine Vienna into creation. We sat opposite our lawyers who laughed at us while we excitedly took pictures of each other signing the documents and freaking out. Then we left the building and screamed on the sidewalk. It was a good day.

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A Quick Note On Failure and Feeling Good Anyway

Several weeks ago, I met with Simon Horowitz, the British muscle man behind the name ‘FitBritVienna,’ to offer up a collaboration to start U!Shine Vienna’s spring season. The two of us came up with what we thought to be a good idea, got our details straight, and set the bar at a limit of thirty participants. My co-founder, Michelle, put it up on Eventbrite and we, as always, eagerly awaited for the ticket sales to come rolling in.

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An Evening in Chairs & Pairs

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it until, well, always: We are made for each other.

We are communal beings who thrive when we’re actively engaged in healthy and helpful relationships and communities. However, there’s a cruel irony that takes place when we, as individuals, encounter life’s challenges and either forget to lean into or lack a safe community for support, thus leaving us to deal with our stuff on our own.

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The Gut Check Concept

“A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.” ― Rosalynn Carter

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge two truths: One, we need relationships. Two, relationships are hard work.

Any human being who has ever known another is aware of the double-edged sword that is being in a relationship. Though beautiful and necessary to our survival, relationships are messy, confrontational, and even at times, painful.

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Weekly Wrap-Up: An Evening with U!Shine Vienna

After months of living and working in limbo, we were ecstatic and equally relieved, to finally reach a place of completion with the U!Shine Vienna website. At that point, we felt appropriately prepared to begin hosting events for those in the community we are hoping to reach. Before we could start with workshops and seminars on mental and emotional health, however, we wanted to answer a question on the minds of many: What and who is U!Shine Vienna?

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Growth: Excruciatingly Extraordinary

If you’ve been following our dream for U!Shine Vienna from the beginning, then you know 2018 was a huge year for us. It was a year all about building: Working to get U!Vie (our self-dubbed nickname) founded as a legal entity, gathering a team, opening a bank account, creating a website, finding our voice on social media, and networking among a number of other exciting moments.

It was also a year of extraordinary and excruciating growth. Extraordinary because, whoa, U!Shine Vienna exists and we’ve met so many phenomenal people in Vienna, immigrants and locals alike, due to its existence. Excruciating because, as growth does, we’ve been stretched in uncomfortable, disappointing, and at times, disheartening ways. I tell you this not to kill the mood, but rather, to be transparent in how we’ve experienced the realities of founding this organization.

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The Process of U!Shine Vienna

In late Winter of 2017, Michelle contacted Holly out of interest to meet her for coffee. Both Holly and Michelle are American-expat bloggers in Vienna and have been followers of each other for a long time. They met in Cafe Little Britain - an oasis of a cafe with British charm, culture, and delicious English breakfasts. Interestingly enough, this cafe is Holly’s sanctuary - a special place in Vienna where she feels safe and at peace - and found out about this cafe through Michelle’s blog.

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