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Honesty Hour: Living Abroad is Hard

Although it may seem like I am living the dream, which in many ways I am, life here is difficult. I have struggled with anxiety and depression while living in Vienna. Most of my days consist of working 9-5 and then heading to the grocery store and then cooking. One big struggle has been the grocery store (I know that sounds funny but bear with me). Going to the grocery store has always been something that I love doing - people never want to go with me in the US because I will roam every aisle and look at every product (because you never really know what you need, right?).

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The Truth of How We're Feeling

Despite mental health being less of a taboo for our generation, a lot of mental disorder young individuals don’t want to draw attention to themselves or repulse others with something as intense as the truth of how they’re feeling.  This could still because from our fake smiled social customs, or it could just be a genuine discomfort with the attention and potential rejection that comes with being completely honest about how we’re doing. Plus, often times one’s thoughts and feelings are already overwhelming and chaotic in one’s head, so it can be difficult to communicate it well to others.

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Mental Health in American Colleges

Mental health has now become one of the most relatable parts of my friendships because everyone has mental health and it is something that a lot of people struggle with in college, whether it be stress and anxiety from a test, lack of sleep, depression, isolation, or something else. As I started to weave mental health into my everyday conversations with my friends and posting about it on social media, I got quite the response back from my friends and peers. Everyone started responding with such support and love, as well as sharing their stories and being vulnerable in return, which has led to many new friendships and the growth of old friendships.

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