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Top 5 Self-Care Practices to Implement - Part 3

As we are in the warmer part of the year, I ride home from work with the citybike. If it is not possible for you to ride a bike, just get off the bus or tram one or two stations before your actual station and walk home. This helps me to unwind tremendously and to clear my head  after work. (Also you spend a few minutes outside after being inside the office all day!)

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Top 5 Self-Care Practices to Implement - Part 2

This is not an easy practice, but it is worth it. Throughout my mental health journey, I lost a lot of "friends" because now I need a lot more time to practice self-care. I also have learned that my body needs a minimum of 8 hours of sleep, so I am always the one that leaves the party early. After I learned that my body reacts really strongly to alcohol, I am the one that will stay sober throughout events, and will not meet for breakfast because of my morning run.

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How to Stop Running from Your Feelings

I realised that the majority of people are incapable of dealing with negative emotions because nobody ever talks about it when they’re feeling miserable. We are expected to be strong because being strong is a quality we wish for and we get compliments on. With our own incapability to handle situations, in which we see other people’s pain, we mess with their journey of getting better.

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Awesome Mental Health Benefits of Exercising

Every day for the last four years I have to push myself to work out and make healthy and positive choices for my body and mind, but it gets easier as my body gets used to the new routine. The more often I workout and make better choices for my body, the less motivation is needed to convince myself to do it. Consistency is key. As every journey has its ups and downs, exercising is no exception. And there you need to trust your body and journey. In my case, I love to run, and every run is a surprise. On one day it is super easy, on another day I feel weak and tired. I learned to trust my body and not to give up.

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4 Tips to a Healthy Start in 2019

January is super heavy for me, as I need to recover from the busiest work month of the year: December. December for me is super exhausting, working nonstop with no time for anything.

Normally I have a pretty good work-life balance. Throughout the year I try to figure out the best way to take care of myself: my mind, my body, and all of the other important stuff like work, healthy relationships, etc.

But in January, I need to start all over again. I remind myself of all the little things that I do to keep myself happy and healthy and to get back on my positivity train. This is why I want to share my tips with you about how to feel a bit calmer with yourself and how to continue to work on yourself without feeling overwhelmed and anxious. This can be done without fear of failing and without comparing yourself to others.

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