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It is What it is: Detachment Support

Detachment is something I have struggled with. A lot. I feel I have mostly defeated my CPTSD from childhood and young adult traumas, but one of the lingering side effects that often gets overlooked is the need for detachment. When you are raised to be so finely in tune with another’s emotions, to the point where you need to predict emotions and reactions from that person for survival, detachment isn’t even something you are aware exists, let alone how essential it is.

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Why We Should Treat PTSD Anxiety Differently Than General Anxiety Disorder

To address treatment, it is imperative that we know the difference between worrying, GAD, and anxiety as a side effect of PTSD. Worrying is something we all do, from taking a test to having to undergo surgery. Worry is part of life. The difference, according to Johns Hopkins Health Alert, is the amount of time spent worrying. Those with an anxiety disorder are more likely to spend 4+ hours of their day worrying, whereas regular worrying lasts about an hour. Those with an anxiety disorder are also more likely to have accompanying physical symptoms, such as panic attacks, racing heartbeat, and upset stomach.

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