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Ships and Hearts: Moving and Melding

Those who know have made claims that moving anywhere, let alone to a foreign country, is one of the top three stressors in life. Take that information and apply it to the heart issue and this theory is elevated to an entirely different level. Do people account for that emotional transition? Are we pausing to consider what is being left behind? Do we take the time to say goodbyes well, and not just to the people but the places that have shaped our stories and been the backdrop for the life lived in that place? I think not.

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The Struggle & Acceptance of Learning a New Language

One of the top ten questions I've been asked in new social settings while living abroad is, "do you speak the language?”  For us that language is German, and yes, in Austria they speak German.  There are different variations and dialects in learning German, and even Viennese German can carry several distinctions given to the form but German it is.  And German I am currently struggling with.

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