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Top 5 Self-Care Practices to Implement - Part 3

As we are in the warmer part of the year, I ride home from work with the citybike. If it is not possible for you to ride a bike, just get off the bus or tram one or two stations before your actual station and walk home. This helps me to unwind tremendously and to clear my head  after work. (Also you spend a few minutes outside after being inside the office all day!)

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Can you decipher the messages of the body?

“And one cannot begin to comprehend how filled up a therapy room can be by emotions: every inch every corner in that which we sit occupying the sadness, the anger, the pressure, the pain. Every inch and every corner filled up, except for the vessel that carries it originally, within the body of the client there is only a void; emptiness.”

Throughout my experience working as a psychotherapist under supervision I have encountered remarkable ways in which emotions have been expressed through various physiological representations in the body.  Somatization refers to a tendency to experience and communicate somatic distress and symptoms unaccounted for by pathological findings, which are commonly attributed to physical illness. It has been a bewildering experience to observe that almost half of my clients over the course of therapy express bodily symptoms.

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