4 Mental Health Instagram Accounts to Follow


Use Instagram to follow people that inspire you and help you to cope with everyday life and stress ❤

1. @letstalkaboutmentalhealth

This account is not a superficial one. Quotes and questions about mental health, depression, and anxiety brings me to a deeper stream of thoughts. I really like account, as I find myself thinking about my mental health state and what I have been through.

2. @theblurtfoundation

The Blurt Foundation literally talks to you via quotes. It is incredible how understood you will feel after scrolling through this account and how comforting it is to read their quotes and see all the beautiful images.


Dr. Nicole LePera teaches you how to heal and consciously create a new version of yourself. What I love most about her account is that she talks about why and how we need to heal. As she is a psychologist, her account is scientific, but really easy to understand.


Last but not least I want to talk about this account which is the perfect addition to your feed as it brings positive quotes to your life. What I also love to do is share them with friends on Instagram and Whatsapp.



About the Author: Macarena Torres

Macarena is a hairdresser and stylist living in Vienna since 2004. Not only wanting to make her clients beautiful from the outside, she wants them to feel confident and happy from the inside. Having dealt with severe depression and panic attacks a few years ago, she is talking openly about finding a healthy work-life balance and a positive mind-body connection. You can follow her on Instagram @xmacarena