Game Night


In mid-February, the event organizers of U!Shine Vienna set up the first Board Game Night of the year. We decided to create Board Game Night as a way for people in the U!Vie community to come together, have fun, and not feel like they have to talk about any struggles they’re going through.

We had previously provided Coffee Meetups as our first attempt to bring people together and discuss topics surrounding mental and emotional health, and thought this time to provide an event that is simply for fun in a light-hearted way. Focusing on the board game in front of you gives the person an opportunity to ‘’let go’’ of what’s been going on in their life and enjoy the moment.

Everyone who attended chowed down on Riva Pizza, soda, and snacks provided by team member Stacey. Pop music played in the background as everyone split up in different teams and played a variety of games for about an hour and a half. Some of the board games we had on hand were Battleship, Sorry, Apples to Apples, and playing cards.

The location of Board Game Night was held at U!Shine Vienna's new community space - the SocialWork Hub, a newly founded co-working space for service-oriented organizations held in the 9th district.

Our photographer of the event; Ms. Erin East, brought her adorable 5-year-old daughter to the event, and both played Apples to Apples within a group. “Audrey had a blast. She felt so grown up!” Erin wrote in an email to us.

Laughs could be heard from Stacey's table, as her daughter, Diksha, and friend vigorously battled each other in the German version of “Sorry.” You knew it was getting intense when the room would suddenly break out in shrieks and laughter from that table!

Overall U!Shine Vienna's Board Game Night was a sweet success, and we'll gladly organize another one of these events in the future, providing more lively games (Cards Against Humanity, anyone?) and yummy snacks.

(Photography by Ms. Erin East)


About the Author

Michelle Terese Hrvat is cofounder of U!Shine Vienna and lives in Vienna with her husband. She is an avid baker and homebody with many passion-projects and enjoys helping her fellow human. She also has a secret love for fashion, and likes to read in her free time. To connect with Michelle, check out her blog or FB.