Tips for People Who Over-Empathize


In this episode of Holly Heart Talks, Holly talks about how sensitive people can over-empathsize to the point of it effecting them negatively in their day. She shares tips that she implements herself on how to become more aware of your threshold and how to practice identifying what makes you go negatively overboard.

About the Series

Holly Heart Talks is a weekly series presented by U!Shine Vienna. U!Shine Vienna is the hand that reaches through the thick fog of mental illness- to you. We’ve been where you are, and we know the way out. We’re not experts or professionals, but we’re the bridge to get you to them. We’re your support system, your sounding board. You’ll be treated with unconditional positive regard, compassion, and respect. Our community welcomes everyone of all colors and cultures, shapes and sizes, ages and identities, beliefs and seasons of life. Our mission is to meet you exactly where you are in life by engaging with you on the things that matter.


About the Author

Holly Kooi is co-founder of U!Shine Vienna and lives in Vienna with her husband and two kids. She is a certified Character Mentor, and her heart is with the refugees and those on the fringes of society. She's passionate about loving people well, writing, mental health, and good coffee. To connect with Holly, visit her blog or follow her on Instagram.