4 Tips to a Healthy Start in 2019


January is super heavy for me, as I need to recover from the busiest work month of the year: December. December for me is super exhausting, working nonstop with no time for anything.

Normally I have a pretty good work-life balance. Throughout the year I try to figure out the best way to take care of myself: my mind, my body, and all of the other important stuff like work, healthy relationships, etc.

But in January, I need to start all over again. I remind myself of all the little things that I do to keep myself happy and healthy and to get back on my positivity train. This is why I want to share my tips with you about how to feel a bit calmer with yourself and how to continue to work on yourself without feeling overwhelmed and anxious. This can be done without fear of failing and without comparing yourself to others.

I don’t write New Year’s resolutions, as we need to take things slowly, building habits instead of having a thousand tasks and goals to achieve in a whole year. It is the 10th of January and I am still figuring out how to balance my life and my work, find time for myself, and not worry about the next day. Here are my tips for a healthy start to the year. I am writing them for myself, to myself, but hoping that you find them helpful as well.


  1. Don’t compare yourself with others. This is super important (!). I must remind myself every day as I scroll through my social media feed and see friends and strangers already started with their life changes and fulfilling their resolutions. Just don’t do it. It is hard, I know, but it will just bring us down. It will bring us away from being centered and positive. You have your life, your life is different, your schedule is different, your needs, everything. And that is good.

  2. Try to drink more water and tea (for me this is super difficult, but if you need extra motivation, go to a secondhand shop and find yourself a cute mug or bottle and have it with you all the time! Just by filling up my mug and drinking my tea, I feel so proud of myself for taking care of my body).

  3. Take time for yourself and do things you would like to do (read a book without having the phone next to you, take a bath for over an hour, put some new prints and photos up, declutter, go for a walk while listening to a podcast). I have so many things that I wanted to do last year and never got around to them because of the constant pressure to be productive and not waste my time. Just do it.

  4. Keep moving. Literally, start to move your body. Slowly but steadily, find an exercise that you like and keep moving.

I will track the things that I have realized and that came up in my mind this month and I am happy to share them in my next post. Let’s try to make ourselves a priority this year, to be more aware of our bodies and minds and to not rush through the year.



About the Author

Macarena Torres is a hairdresser and stylist living in Vienna since 2004. Not only wanting to make her clients beautiful from the outside, she wants them to feel confident and happy from the inside. Having dealt with severe depression and panic attacks a few years ago, she is talking openly about finding a healthy work-life balance and a positive mind-body connection. You can follow her on Instagram @xmacarena