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How to Deal with Rejection in a Friendship

I want to give you five simple principles for creating good interpersonal relationships. I assume, however, there might be some other underlying reasons why you’re trying to be friends with the “wrong people”. So I hope you’ll see what I’m going to share with you and I hope you will gain valuable insight and useful tips. I would definitely love to hear from you via U!Shine again!

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Relationship Support: How to Gain More Affection in a Relationship

You could express your thoughts like this, for example, “Honey, I’ve noticed lately that you’re very quiet and you’re barely talking to me. I also feel like you’re showing less interest in intimacy and that you’re withdrawing from me.” As a next step, tell your partner how that makes you feel. You might say: “I’m worried because I don’t know the reason for this change. I’m wondering if I did something wrong or if I hurt you. I’m not sure if you’re okay, which bothers me.” Next, you can express what you wish for: “I wish we would talk about this openly. If there is something bothering you, please tell me. And if I hurt you in any way, know that I’m ready to work on it. I want things between us to be good and I want you to be fine.”

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Tips for Getting through a Terrible Divorce

‘‘Any tips for getting through a terrible divorce? I’ve found myself staying in bed most days, moping around, but I want to get over this.’’ Dear person this sounds like you’re going through a difficult time in your life right now. Even without knowing any details about your situation and your circumstances, there is one thing that is obvious to me: you are about to lose someone whom you really loved for a long time.

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