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Why Denial is Your Worst Enemy

Vienna-based marriage and family therapist Helen Rudinsky looks at how to recognize if you're in denial, and what to do to break out of it.

Are you lying to yourself? Probably. Most of us do. Denial is the most common way we lie to ourselves. We are in denial when we refuse to accept reality, pretending that a painful event, thought, or feeling doesn't exist.

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Anxiety and Fear Being Among Unknown People

Hello you!

That’s a great topic. It’s going to lead to an answer that might be counterintuitive - just a heads up!

You see, anxiety is a tricky thing. When we have it, all that we can ever think about is how on earth we can get rid of it. The solution, unfortunately, is an easy one: Just quit. Just leave. Just don’t say anything. Just don’t go.

It’s really that easy. And I think you know that solution already. What’s so devious about it is that it actually works. Until we realize that we just missed out on something that was important to us.

And here’s the flip side of anxiety. Something I love anxiety for: it is the clearest, most unambiguous indicator that something is very, very important. Think about it: are you anxious that while you are reading this, your dinner is getting cold? Probably not so much. Now, what if your daughter had spent two hours in the kitchen making you the most amazing dinner, while you are stuck in traffic trying to get home in time. Are you anxious about your dinner getting cold now? Of course. It’s freaking important!

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