Reinhard Schotola - Life and Family Constellation Coach


We would like to introduce to you the Professional of the Month for October 2019 - Mr. Reinhard Schotola!


Reinhard is a certified Life-Coach and Family-Constellation Coach for ReFlow. He has been divorced happily for 11 years, and is a devoted single parent of his two (now adult) children for many years.

Reinhard also worked successfully in management as project manager, system-architect, mastermind, mentor and coach for 15 years. In these roles, he has played a frontline role in transforming his employer from an authority to a service-and-profit oriented organization in a constantly dwindling market.

His hobbies are dancing, reading, hiking, fitness training, creative lateral thinking, writing, exploring new mindsets and what it means to be a highly sensitive human-being.

Reinhard's life has been marked by constant change on all levels. He combines empathy and psychological understanding (soft facts) with his special analytical skills for hard facts.

Reinhard loves to answer the question: "What the hell is really going on!" He also solves complex personal or organizational-operative problems with passion, and guides complex transformation and change processes together with his clients.

People who come to him seek out new perspectives, true understanding and are willing to change.

To learn more about Reinhard, please visit: ReFlow