Lisa Kögler: Life Coach

Photo by  Ms. Erin East

Photo by Ms. Erin East

Lisa is a certified life coach and counselor with a passion for art and design. She grew up in Austria but also experienced living abroad in Madrid, Spain, for a year during her studies. She graduated from the Technical University of Vienna and the University of Applied Life Sciences with a master’s degree and worked as an engineer and building certifier for several years. Afterwards she got a diploma in life coaching at the ARGE Bildungsmanagement of the Sigmund Freund University, which led to a major career change.

In 2019 Lisa launched her own coaching business called “Verbesserlich” - - which is based in Vienna. Lisa loves to study so she is also currently enrolled as a student of psychotherapy at the University of Vienna. She cannot wait to put all of her coaching ideas, courses and knowledge into practice and to help people in Vienna and Austria. She is looking forward to helping especially those who are unsure of what they want to do with their lives, who feel stressed and need a (new) direction in life.

Lisa lives in a loving and fulfilling relationship with her girlfriend. In her spare-time she runs a group called “Zwischenraum_Wien”, which is intended for people of the LGBT+ community who are being discriminated against by their church.

What makes Lisa’s heart beat faster is good design, taking a long walk in nature, smelling the scent of flowers, cuddling and massaging, enjoying a nice morning coffee with a view over the city of Vienna, reading a good and inspiring book, and last but not least singing on stage. Lisa also loves traveling, especially visiting her friends abroad and exploring entirely different cultures, for example those in developing countries. Her greatest passion, however, is to learn new things and finding ways to make this world a better place. :)