4 Awesome Apps for Improving Wellbeing & Mental Health


Can you recommend some apps for improving wellbeing and mental health?

As smart mobile phones are nowadays a normal part of our lives, I want to introduce some e-health applications which could improve wellbeing and mental health.  I used them myself for a while and evaluated them as quite useful. These apps claim to help look after your mental health and well-being by using different methods, including mood tracking, meditation, or elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. They can be helpful as a way to engage people in the beginning when they are seeking advice (like reading a self-help-book) or are willing to change their lifestyle.

It is important to make it clear that these apps cannot replace face-to-face therapy for people with mental illness. In this case they will work best when used in conjunction with in-person therapy and can provide support in between sessions. These apps can be especially helpful for teenagers and young adults due to their frequent use of technology as a means of communication. Most of the apps have free features and you can choose to subscribe to a plan to unlock additional premium features. You must be aware of revealing very personal information. All apps ensure the safety, security, and privacy of the data, but it remains your decision how deep you go.

Mostly there are English and German versions of content and are available for Apple or Android systems. Many apps are continuously improving and implementing new features, so there will be much progress in the future.

1) myTherapy  

This app features as a personal pill reminder and medication tracker. It is also a symptom and mood journal that allows you to log both your physical and mental wellbeing. In addition to reminders, you are able to track blood sugar levels, blood pressure, weight, resting heart rate, and any of the many measurements supported. The information from all these features can be compiled into a comprehensive health report emailed to you in PDF format, making it easy to share with your doctor. This document allows you to visualise patterns over time and you can recognise which areas of your treatment have room for improvement. You can use MyTherapy also as an activity reminder to encourage a healthy lifestyle. A recent study found an improvement in medication adherence and physical activity by using this app regularly.

2) Moodpath

Moodpath serves as a mental health companion and personal mood journal. Moodpath asks you daily questions in order to assess your emotional and physical well-being and screen for symptoms of depression. The screening progress aims to increase your awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. After a period of two weeks, the app generates an electronic document about your condition that you can discuss with a healthcare professional. This evaluation after the screening gives the user more certainty about his mental health. Anyone with symptoms of depression are encouraged to find professional help. The app also offers information about the existing types of professional help in an interactive knowledge segment. More than 150 videos and psychological exercises are available to help you understand your mood and strengthen your mental health.

3) youper  

This application acts like a real person in a live text-chat and serves as an emotional health assistant. Youper utilizes Artificial Intelligence to personalize various techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness and Meditation. Through quick conversations, this app helps you monitor and improve your emotional health. It asks you about your day, helps you unpack your feelings, and supports you when things get tough. The app also uses established health questionnaires to assess the severity of depression, anxious thoughts, or social anxiety. A personality test gives you individual feedback and insights on your abilities and strengths. The app recommends individual exercises and meditation sessions for relaxation.

4) 7minds

If you have never meditated before, or find it difficult, 7minds is a great place to start. The app takes you by the hand and leads you through guided meditations and mindfulness techniques to help establish calm and wellness in your life in just 7 minutes per day. The free basic courses teach you meditation fundamentals; the full library of 140 expert-guided meditations is accessible via a subscription fee. You can build confidence with themed courses to help practice self-love, mindfully manage emotions, and cultivate harmony in your relationship with yourself and with others. Like most other apps, you can install reminders to encourage you to keep practicing each day.

I hope you are curious now to try some e-health apps and hopefully it makes it easier for you to improve your mental health!



About the Professional

Dr. Andreas Fida-Taumer

I am a psychologist working in a psychological counselling service of the public administration of Vienna. Our mission is to help employees and employers who are confronted with conflicts, bullying or discrimination at work. We support to find a constructive solution by individual counselling or by mediating between conflict partners. My colleagues and me perform sensibility workshops for prevention and a better working climate.

I also run a psychological office in the 6. district and since 2018 I offer online counselling. My main topics are workplace worries, stress, burnout and depression. Online counselling is a flexible way to get help from an expert, it can be used anonymously, and you can use it easily from anywhere from your Phone, tablet or PC. The clients can decide between text chat, which is mainly demanded, and audio or video chat.

As a clinical psychologist I offer a variety of established interventions and methods. I prefer the cognitive behavioral approach, in special the acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) with a mindfulness background and the use of relaxation and meditation.