Dr. Andreas Fida-Taumer: Health & Clinical Psychologist


U!Shine Vienna is proud to partner with Dr. Andreas Fida-Taumer, Health & Clinical Psychologist, Mediator and work psychologist.

About Dr. Andreas Fida-Taumer

I am a psychologist working in a psychological counselling service of the public administration of Vienna. Our mission is to help employees and employers who are confronted with conflicts, bullying or discrimination at work. We support to find a constructive solution by individual counselling or by mediating between conflict partners. My colleagues and me perform sensibility workshops for prevention and a better working climate.

I also run a psychological office in the 6. district and since 2018 I offer online counselling. My main topics are workplace worries, stress, burnout and depression. Online counselling is a flexible way to get help from an expert, it can be used anonymously, and you can use it easily from anywhere from your Phone, tablet or PC. The clients can decide between text chat, which is mainly demanded, and audio or video chat.

As a clinical psychologist I offer a variety of established interventions and methods. I prefer the cognitive behavioral approach, in special the acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) with a mindfulness background and the use of relaxation and meditation.

I am married (46 years old), two female school-kids (14 and 10 years old). I moved 2007 from upper Austria, Linz to Vienna city, because of occupational reasons. This was a big change for me leaving a town in the middle of nature to a world-city with many opportunities and challenges.

I cycle since youth-time, in a passionate way also attending races. After exploring some years in the forests of the Wiener Wald with my fully, four years ago I met some cyclists of the Vienna International Cycle Club (VICC). It’s an open community, with an active VICC-Facebook-group for connecting and organising cycling trips around Vienna. It’s international and English is the common language. There are so many cyclists online connected in Vienna, so you will find a group ride nearly for every day. So, the lonesome times riding around Vienna are over. Playing sports and talking with like-minded persons is a secret recipe for my well being and recreation of work load.