Ms. Stephanie Sattowski - Psychotherapist


Stephanie took the time to write 3 wonderful blog posts for readers of U!Shine Vienna:

  1. Integrating into a New Culture and its Effects on Mental Health

  2. Can you decipher the messages of the body?

  3. Separation and Opportunity for a Journey Towards Self- Love

Originally from Hamburg Germany, Ms. Stephanie Sattkowski moved around a lot as a child and is familiar with confronting changes and transformation in life. All of the obstacles she's been through made a positive impact on her attitude towards life and her work as a psychotherapist in training. Ms.Sattkowski speaks English, Spanish and German.

Gestalt Therapy helps clients focus on the present and understand what is really happening in their lives right now, rather than what they may perceive to be happening based on past experience. Instead of simply talking about past situations, clients are encouraged to experience them, perhaps through re-enactment. Through the gestalt process, clients learn to become more aware of how their own negative thought patterns and behaviors are blocking true self-awareness and making them unhappy.

Stephanie offers a free consultation to interested people.

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