Helen Rudinsky - Expat Counselor


U!Shine Vienna is happy to announce April's Professional of the Month - Mrs. Helen Rudinsky, an Expat Counselor based in Vienna. Her motto is: "Your Passport to Harmony while Globally Mobile"

Helen is an American Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor.  She has a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Masters Degree in Intercultural Studies. 

Helen is an expat herself having lived in several countries: Holland, Finland, Switzerland, former Czechoslovakia, and Russia.  In addition, she has lived in Austria off and on since 1980.  She has been serving couples, individuals and children in the expat community worldwide for 40 years. She works with individuals with relationship problems, career decisions, anxiety, depression and other issues.

Helen has also helped many expat couples in Vienna turn their marriage around. She shows them how to improve their communication, set boundaries, and resolve conflicts by using videos, personality tests, role plays and other tools to bring about rapid change. Many of her clients have learned to better communicate, and have created  loving, healthy marriages.

Additionally, Helen works with children who are having a hard time at school.  Expat kids especially, may have trouble adjusting to school routines, on top of handling a new culture and possibly language. That's why talking to someone can help. Helen is happy to be there and assist through the difficult times.