Aldin Hrvat


Why he is a part of U!Shine Vienna

Aldin admits he hasn’t done a lot of community service growing up, and sees U!Shine Vienna as an oppurtunity to get more involved in a positive way. He connects naturally with this movement because he thinks there is a lack of openness when it comes to the internal challenges and struggles people go through. He believes U!Shine Vienna is that platform to open doors to show people that our mental and emotional health has been an integral part of us since day 1, and it shouldn’t be shunned.

What brings him joy?

He love movements where he can feel himself flow in the movement, like martial arts, moving meditation, and doing exercises based on what feels good to his body. He loves working on the self-body relationship, and can’t stand still! Aldin always need to do something, create something, either through hobbies or working on projects like U!Shine Vienna. Painting, reading, making video compositions, coding something, or making simple things like his own bookmarks also brings him joy.

More about Aldin

He currently works in IT, and has a background in information and communicatons technology, as well as system-engineering. He is a fan of the U.S. series The Office, and 3-D printed his own necklace and ring. Aldin is a die-hard fan of Asian food, loves all things space/universe, and makes a good pesto spaghetti. He would love to travel to Japan one day, and likes listening to The Bruce Lee Podcast. He also started his own podcast called The Martial Art of Self, where he talks about bringing the principles, and essence of martial arts back to self, and mapping them to everyday life.

How does he take care of his mental and emotional health?

Writing, martial arts, moving and sitting meditation, reading, and talking to his wife Michelle.

To connect

You can connect with him on his personal

Or through his Martial Art of Self